Having once been a student of Fashion and Costume Design at Brown University and Parsons, Alexandra's visit to the beautiful Los Angeles Campus of FIDM was both reminiscent and inspiring for her.  The Visual Communications students, under the tutelage of instructor, Ken Donham, created a David Hicks inspired window display using one of Alexandra's own designs, the M-16 Cube End Table.  Alexandra met with the students who worked on the project in front of the actual window on the campus, and discussed with them, her own inspirations as well some of her experiences in the world of fashion and design.

The assignment for FIDM Visual Communication students (above), Jolene Pietsch, Stephanie Echegara, Sophie Harris, and Kayleigh Fawcett, was to create a window display with the vibe and style of designer David Hicks.

After the Q&A, Alexandra received a full tour of the Los Angeles Campus and was impressed with both the student's work as well as the beauty of the campus.  After the tour, she said, "I'd love to go to school here if I were a young student.  What a fabulous campus!"



Instructor Ken Dohham. Department Chair Lyn Tobman and Cynthia Patino (not pictured), show Alexandra examples of window display projects that students have worked on in minature form.  Coincidentally, Alexandra also works in miniature form before going to full scale.  Below are pictures of the miniature versions of the Radiant Cocktail Acrylic Table and Brilliant Console Acrylic Table.


Alexandra takes a final picture with the students in front of the window display that they created for a final assignment.  Yes, they all got "A's".  Congratulations and thank you to the students and faculty at FIDM. 



Alexandra Von Furstenberg values the schools that train the designers of tomorrow and we look forward to working with FiDM in the years to come in hopes of being a small part of that.